Data-Driven Product Management


My name is Philipp. I am passionate about data-driven product management, designing great customer experiences and growing businesses. To me, creating value means studying metrics, talking to users and deriving the right conclusions.

Currently, I am working on offering the best possible mobile experience for one of the largest providers of online meetings & conferences, heading up the product roadmap and strategy for two mobile development teams. 

This is what I do:

Analyzing numbers and talking to users.

Designing concepts and validating them quickly.

Leveraging the power of stories, to allow for great marketing campaigns.

Leading teams, by providing a tangible vision and means for collaboration.

Creating momentum for products and businesses by focussing on customer needs.

Now what?

Check out my articles and public speaking engagements. Read about my work in mobile apps, gaming, e-commerce and performance marketing. Or send me a note, here.