Hi, nice to meet you!

This is who I am:

My name is Philipp. I am a product guy who is passionate about data-driven design and growing products and businesses. I look at metrics and talk to users to understand the story behind a feature / service and how it drives customer value.

Currently, I am working on creating the best possible mobile experience for one of the largest providers of online meetings & conferences, heading up the product roadmap and strategy for two mobile development teams. 

To me, the most valuable products are the result of meaningful user conversations paired with iterative development – both driven by insightful metrics.

This is what I do:

Looking at numbers and talking to users.

Building concepts and validating them quickly.

Growing products and businesses.

Leading teams, by providing a clear vision and framework to foster collaboration.

Now what?

Check out my articles and public speaking engagements. Read about my work in mobile apps, gaming, e-commerce and performance marketing. Or send me a note, here.